On September 11th we all basically woke up to the fact that there are people around who take their scriptures at face value. Fingers were pointed at Islam; however, when we read and hear what Christians say and sing during their rituals, it is obvious that the problem lies not in one religion as opposed to another, but it boils down to the degree of seriousness with which people take their own religion. It is utterly incidental that we, rich and opulent Westerners, can afford playing with the irrational at zero cost, pretending to be involved in cannibalistic rituals in churches, pretending to suffer under the weight of immaginary crosses, pretending to believe in corpses coming back to life. Unfortunately, it is not a matter of pretending for everybody, at all times. It is clear how religions – all of them! – are dangerous, when you get to read an innocent saint francis saying the same things that Bin Laden’s crew had in their minds: “Make me thy instrument, in Thee death is Life, Only by dying I shall be born again…”

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